Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
Art Of Security Poster & Urban Art Contest
We are organizers team of Art of Security - Social Poster and Public Art Contest. We have created many awesome projects during our work in the creative industry, several projects even have received international recognition. Thus it´s tame to make more and share our experience and vision.
This year we are holding for the first time a visual communication competition with a sharp social issue, that is art of security.
We believe, a match of design and communication is the best way to update already known things and learn the new ones. We are towards freedom and diversity in art, that is why we give you an opportunity to research and investigate an issue of security by means of your artistic expression.
Our aim is attracting attention to the sharp security issues which take place in the background of democratic and economic changes in Ukraine via social poster, performance, public art and so, that reveal new influencers.
We invite young designers and artists to take part in the Art of Security contest to investigate problems and break the ice of Ukrainian and international security issues discourse together.

Conditions of participation
Participation is free of charge
Anyone aged from 13 to 35 is welcome
Everyone who filled and sent online-form before deadline іs considered a participant
Check out all the rules and requirements carefully. There are not many of them, but if you break them, the work is disqualified.

Wide space for self expression as introspection towards processes that take place in inside and outside Ukraine at the time of democratic and international security changes.

We are looking forward to see social posters that evoke the dialogue about security values of Ukrainian people and raise interest towards other vitally important social issues.


Technologies that change: social hierarchy, environment dangers, global warming, cyberattacks, abandoned infrastructure and architectural heritage, ethics of artificial intelligence, hybrid challenges - all these words that are familiar to these who'd like to change the world.

However we don't know about all future threats. Thus visual representation of your introspection is informative and interesting for us. We suggest you to light up the topic we've never seen before.


Security of identity is an integral part of the strategic development of humanity.
Threat is a condition or a situation that exists in the environment and can possibly lead to an unwanted release of energy. As a result, it can damage physical, psychological or physical, social and institutional level.

We hope that participants of this nomination will uncover and reveal to public the whole wide range of identity threats for an open dialogue.

A proposal to create a temporary or permanent installation in the city of Kharkiv that will naturally integrate into social and urban context of the city.

Installation or art object could be interactive in order to involve more citizens to contact with it and so that raise their interest to its sharp topic.

Technical requirements:
1st step - online:
(size: 30 сm on the long side, 300 dpi, EPS, TIFF, JPEG formats, RGB color model) posters filled into enteral form on the website.

till 15th of September 2019
2nd stape - with organizer team
In case of passing into final.

Minimal size 60 х 90 сm. Open printing technique. The period of creation of the following works must be between 2018-2019 years.

Lists of selected works will be published on the site, the authors of these posters will be further informed by e-mail. Interview recordings with each winner will be published on the same website and on third-party partner websites.

In the end, printed copies of the work and the filled in originals will need to be printed (with the financial support of organizers' team).

From 15th till 30th of September 2019
Rules for submission for the concept of Public Art (4th nomination):
1st stage: sketches or renders, photos, illustrations, drawings or description of the concept. Text description must contain:- Name of the concept,- Explanation of the idea of the concept,- Comment or textual description of the concept;

Participation is free

From June 15th to 23:59 of September 15th we are waiting for your art proposals in Art of Security social poster and public art contest.
From September 15th to 28th jury will chose the best works to participate in public exibition in Kharkiv Art Museum that is going to be held in October 2019.
From October 1st to 31st we invite you to the second building of the Kharkiv Art Museum to visit an exhibition and workshops on the creation of a social poster.
Creation of PUBLIC ART installation
In October work with the team of winners and organisers and visit the PUBLIC ART installation from the winners of the PUBLIC ART nominations
Get prizes and attend the opening ceremony of ART OF SECURITY exhibition in October 2019

Grand Prix and 1st place: Visit to Brussels for the best artist
2nd place: Graphic Tablet for true talent
3rd place: MI BAND 4 for incessant activists
and other gifts and certificates!

Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine
As a program coordinator of Public Diplomacy Division of NATO in Brussels, oversaw projects that aim to raise awareness and promote NATO in a number of NATO member states. From 2003 systematically contributes to public and academic debate on Slovakia's membership to the EU and NATO.
President of International Eco-Poster Triennalle "4th Block"
Professor of the Department of Graphic Design of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, Oleg Veklenko has significant achievements at the art poster, graphic design, book design and graphic design.
Kateryna Zaslavska
Legal and project consultant for projects of creative economy in ILF company
Strategic consulting for development of artistic and creative economy projects. Has more than 100 international projects in the sphere of business, education and culture.
Hanna Zadorozhnya
Senior Scientific Specialist of Kharkiv Art Museum
Exhibition Curator for museum programs, also as for talented young people "Future Artists"
The Author of art papers for museum panels and exhibitions.
Dmytro Veryovkin
Ukrainian graphic designer focused on minimalistic solutions.
Has repeatedly won prizes in the ratings of Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of Creativity.
Member of the creative teams of 3Z Studio and Prince Albert Band.
The NIDC is part of the NATO Public Diplomacy Division and was the first information office established by NATO in Ukraine and was opened to the general public.
The NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine (NIDC) was inaugurated in May 1997 on the eve of signing the NATO-Ukraine Charter on a Distinctive Partnership, which serves as the founding document for the relationship between NATO and Ukraine.
Media about new horizons of creativity. Trying to provide inspiration to rethink ourselves for solving the problems of the world.
The institution of higher education of the state form of ownership, located in Kharkiv, is one of the leading universities of economic profile in Ukraine.
KhDADM is well-known by specialists as one of the most prominent higher educational institutions of design and artistic direction of Ukraine.

The Academy has experienced a long and interesting history, during which formed the features and specifics of a modern educational institution.
National (self-governing) research state university.
Kharkiv Art Museum
One of the largest cultural establishments in Ukraine. A significant collection of works of fine and applied art of Ukraine, Western countries and Russia.
By submitting an application, you:

— accept the rules of the contest;

— agree to the personal data processing;

— claim that you are the author of the submitted work;

— you assume all responsibility for claims of authorship by third parties;

— allow you to submit your work for consideration to judges of the contest;

— give the right to demonstration of your work in public within the framework of marketing;

— allow you to post your work in the post-contest journal and on the website.

The number of applications from one person is unlimited. You can submit several applications in different nominations, and one work in several.

When applying, be sure to fill in all fields and select a nomination. Please note that the application form must be filled in English.

Only one winner will be selected in each nomination. One contestant can also get a grand prix - a visit to Brussels.
There is only one first prize winner in each nomination - these participants will receive prizes. Other winners and finalists will get:
- Graphic tablet
- Band 4
- the participants who entered the final will be able to present their works at a public exhibition in Kharkiv
- finalists will be able to see their works on the billboards of Kharkiv
- certificates of participation and souvenirs

Unfortunately, any violations of rules or technical requirements (poor quality image, small size, not fully completed application) will lead to the disqualification.
Organizers committee: