Last and Active Projects
"International Donbas Forum" and Creative Industries
Goal: to create a communication platform and series of projects in the Donbas to enhance transformation processes, internationalisation and involvement of the Ukrainian diaspora as actors of region globalisation.

Solution: To organise a coalition of NGOs, a forum-communication platform for internationalisation of the region, development of creative industries and intensive transformation of the region through a series of projects in 2020-2025.

Outputs: concept developed, communication and fundraising conducted simultaneously with project planning as for march 2020.

Конкурс соціального постеру та вуличного мистецтва ART OF SECURITY у Харкові (2019-2020) з Gwara Media
Бажання: познайомити харків'ян з Центром Інформації та Документації НАТО в Україні, обговорити цінності організації, підвищити зрозумілість організації серед цільової аудиторії.

Рішення: провести конкурс графічних постерів та арт-інсталяцій на тему безпеки,імплементація та створення комунікаційної кампанії.

Результати: 50000 взаємодій з цільовою аудиторією через діджитал-канали; 200 учасників конкурсу; 10 згадувань у ЗМІ та гран-прі візит в Брюссельдля артистки, проведено 5 воркшопів для молодих дизайнерів, отримано 130 конкурсних робіт.
URBAN X supports the development of street art
URBAN X supports the development of street art in its legal form and gives artists the opportunity to express themselves and increase their level of skill: the creation of graffiti by novice artists and wall paintings by professionals.
URBAN X is one of the initiators of legalization of wall painting (murals) in Ukraine
URBAN X is one of the initiators of the legalization of wall painting (murals) in Ukraine. Together with the famous graphic command "Interesni Kazki" we developed and submitted for consideration by the Kiev authorities the "Socio-cultural concept of the improvement of the urban environment"
Experimental theater about suicide traveled by regions of Ukraine
Performance to the 200th anniversary of Mikhaylo Verbitsky
Director Igor Magda puts a serious performance based on Dostoevsky
Gallery of Smiles, 2010
Decorating by young shop artists is an indispensable attribute of the parks and cities of the Decoration of the Mariinsky Park with great smiley-plates, pre-painted pupils of specialized boarding schools and art clubs of Kyiv
Interactive on GOGOL FEST 2010
Creation of Installations made from recycle waste in 2 Days
Together with AUKRO a charity auction was held
Together with AUKRO a charity auction was held to purchase the name shop "Square meter on Krasnoarmeyskaya from 1 UAH. » The proceeds from the auction will be used for the construction of a playground for the blind children in the boarding school in Boyarka.
Street Gallery of Smiles
The event was organized by the VMGO Center for Subcultural Initiatives Urban X, the Moscow Youth Sports Alliance with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation and the Kyiv City State Administration. As part of the action in the Kiev squares lay benches, painted by young artists. "The main requirements for the design: the bench should radiate a smile, joy and positivity," - said in a message. In addition, in the Mariinsky park trees will be placed emoticons, painted by pupils of orphanages and art circles. Anyone who wants to take part in the promotion will be able to create their own version of the smile. Directly on the alley, a workshop on painting is being organized under the direction of the famous urban sculptor Konstantin Skretutsky, author of sculptures flying tigers, the character of the Hedgehog in the fog, the Flying Cow, the cat with disposable forks and a dozen statues. The role of artists will try themselves as stars of show business and sports.

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